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The Streetwear line contains 12 synthetic brushes in basic New York Black; practically every brush that you need for every makeup application. Three of the brushes are double-ended upping the brush count to 15 brushes. Designed in New York, the shapes embrace the contours of a women’s face providing a first rate tool to easily apply all product from compressed powders to creams and minerals.

Displays are available in counter and slat wall (not shown) display assortments. Each has a tester bar with descriptions, item numbers and barcodes for ease of purchase.

The packaging features a cityscape mirroring not only the New York skyline, but everywhere USA. Vivid colors and funky graphics on a brilliant white background with a “ruby peep” that allows the brush to shine through leads to a package that pops and grabs the consumers attention.

For more information on a list of programs and technique videos, please visit our Contact Page or email us at

The Streetwear Collection, which embraces the quirky vitality of New York, is the foundation of our brand.

Wet Dry Concealer • Bright Size 10

10878 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Wave Brow Groomer • Bright Size 12

10876 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Shadow Smudger • Filbert Size 12

10880 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Line & Define

10877 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Crease Definer • Filbert Size 10

10880 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Blush Contour • Round Size 12

10884 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Angle Foundation • Flat Size 1

10885 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

All Over Face • Round Size 14

10886 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Dome • Flat Size 2

10886 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Basic Shadow • Round Size 8

10882 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Pull Apart Lip • Bright Size 10

10875 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Hi Lite / Blender • Round Size 10

10883 • UPC: 1.84E+10 • Min Order: 4

Streetwear • 6 pc Allover set 1A • 10892

Comes in a black carry case with snap closure.

Streetwear 6 pc. Detail Set 1B • 10893

Streetwear Detail Set comes in a sleek mesh zippered bag.

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